In 2005, Otago Volleyball underwent a transformation and was reborn as the Volleyball Otago Association (VO). Since its inception, VO has been at the forefront of promoting, educating, and upholding the highest standards in the sport of volleyball within the region.

As the official governing body of the sport in our region, we actively engage in every aspect of the sport, providing comprehensive programmes for both indoor and outdoor variants of the game, at all levels of participation and performance. Throughout the years, we have adapted and evolved our programmes and services to align with the changing landscape of the game and the wider sporting world, all whilst staying true to our core belief of “volleyball for life”.

Today, volleyball is more accessible to the people of Otago than ever before. VO plays a crucial role in introducing children to the sport through our various schools’ programmes, we also nurture the talent of high-performance athletes through our representative programme. Our commitment extends beyond the players, as we provide focus towards the development of skilled coaches and officials to ensure the growth and success of our sport.

To sustain our programmes and events, we rely on contributions from membership and user fees, as well as the generous support of various charitable and gaming trusts, alongside our commercial sponsors, to all we show great thanks.

Volleyball Otago is affiliated with our national governing body – Volleyball New Zealand. This allows our organisations to work seamlessly to broaden the volleyball community and collectively drive the advancement of our game within the Otago region and across New Zealand. https://www.volleyballnz.org.nz/